In partnership with the Niagara Falls High School administration, Ƶ is pleased to offer the following credit bearing courses to approved Niagara Falls High School students for the 2023-24 academic year. All courses are taught by Ƶ faculty and are at no charge to the student.  Students will leave with a transcript from Ƶ and actual college credit.  Art and Animation courses will be offered Tuesday and Thursday. Sociology Courses will be offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. During the days that students are not meeting with their Ƶ faculty member, they will be working with NFHS faculty to reinforce key concepts and keep up with projects and course material.

Fall 2023

ANIM 101: Principles of Animation (2 credits)

This course will explore some of the Principles of Animation. It will introduce students to the art of animating on paper. This will include how to roll the paper in order to see the movement of the animation and how to flip the paper while drawing in between so that the motion is continual from one drawing to the next. The students will transition from paper to drawing on the computer, learning animation principles along the way.

SOC 201: Introductory Sociology (3 credits)

This course will explore the systematic study of social behavior and human groups. We will examine the influence of social relationships upon people's attitudes and behavior and on how societies are established and changed.

Spring 2024

ANIM 215: Introduction to Cartooning (3 credits)

This course introduces students to the design concepts of drawing basic cartoon characters, stressing a solid dimensional approach. Students will learn the skills and techniques to caricature from life and the understanding to create characters for a comic strip, comic book or graphic novel.

SOC 209: Social Problems (3 credits)

This course will explore major social problems, e.g., racism, sexism, heterosexism, militarism, crime, substance abuse, poverty and their effect on the individual and society, will be examined. Theories will be evaluated relative to the role that existing social arrangements play in perpetuating social problems.

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