Pre-Law Studies

Spring Open House

April 27 th

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The  and our students have excellent track records with law school admissions and subsequent success in legal practice.

Gain essential skills for success in law school, including creative problem solving, critically analyzing documents and arguments, and resolving ethical dilemmas.

Program Benefits

  • While the ABA does not require any particular course or course of study in preparation for law school, the courses in the pre-law minor provide students with substantive legal knowledge and will hone the skills that are critical for law school admission and success. 
  • Our rigorous, yet flexible, pre-law minor establishes intent/interest in a legal career and demonstrates academic ability in rigorous coursework. In addition to the study of the American legal system, courses in the minor emphasize reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing proficiency.
  • Ƶ provides several pathways for enhancing students’ law school application portfolios, including internship and study-abroad programs, a first-rate athletics program, student governance and leadership opportunities, an honors program, and a range of student organizations.
  • Students may join our pre-law student association and become actively involved in our annual mock trial simulation, and nonpartisan voter education and registration as part of our Constitution Day activities.
  • Students receive support from our experienced history and political science faculty who identify and observe student strengths, provide individualized guidance, and can write meaningful letters of recommendation upon graduation and application to law school.

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Pre-Law Student Association

is actively involved in nonpartisan voter education and registration as part of our Constitution Day activities. Students have the opportunity to participate in experiential learning and other beneficial opportunities. 

Career Outlook

There is an active and engaged community of Ƶ alumni who attended law school to connect with. 

  • Civil rights lawyer
  • Corporate attorney
  • Patent lawyer
  • Criminal lawyer
  • Administrative lawyer
  • Correctional officer 
  • Court administrator