Adolescent Education in French or Spanish

Spring Open House

April 27 th

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Job growth is expected to increase by 7 percent for  and 8 percent for  from 2020-2030.

Your education classes integrate field experience beginning early in your program – giving you more confidence with students and preparation for your career.

Ƶ Pass Rate Above 90%

Ƶ students have a combined pass rate consistently above 90 percent on the annual New York State Teacher Certification Examinations.

Program Benefits

  • Core and advanced specialty courses provide students with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of French or Spanish through real-life assignments both in and out of class.  
  • Education classes provide instruction in the craft of teaching and provide strong preparation for state Teacher Certification Exams.
  • Choose from long- or multiple short-term study abroad programs to gain linguistic and cultural competency.
  • Work with our language assistants, who are native and heritage speakers within the Ƶ community, to build communicative fluency. 
  • Field experiences are available through Ƶ’s partnerships with local public, private, and charter schools as well as educational agencies and community centers. 
  • Engage with educational technologies in your courses, including video analysis software during field placements to obtain feedback on your teaching from instructors and current teachers.
  • Ƶ’s Center for Interprofessional Learning and Simulation (CILS) provides students experiential learning opportunities to promote best practice and collaboration.
Female teacher standing in front of a whiteboard teaching grade school
Earn your Master's Degree at Ƶ

Continue your education at Ƶ and earn your master's degree! As a graduate student, you will learn how to create lesson plans aligned to New York State’s Next Generation learning standards, as well as understand the laws that protect students.

Career Outlook

Ƶ graduates are teaching in many school districts and public school systems, including Buffalo, Williamsville, Clarence, Cheektowaga, New York City, Baltimore, and Myrtle Beach, among others. 

A number of our graduates have also advanced to working in educational administration.