Let’s get moving! Establishing healthy habits now will help you to continue living your best life throughout your time at Ƶ and well beyond. Ƶ Recreation offers students dynamic experiences that encourage an active lifestyle, personal growth, social interaction, and fun! So gather your friends and try a group fitness class or jump into an intramural game of dodgeball or volleyball! Join our Club Archery team or lift weights at the fitness center. Shoot hoops during open gym or attend a special event for stress relief. There are countless opportunities to engage in joyful movement with friends regardless of whether you are a star athlete or never broke a sweat in your life. Now is the time to get moving, and we are your destination for recreation!

Interested in a different activity? Let us know! We are always looking for new activities to help Ƶ students pursue an active lifestyle, promoting their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Let’s work together to make it happen! The office of the Director of Recreation and Wellness is located in the AWC Gym, Room 120. Stop in or email bstothar@daemen.edu anytime.