Life on Campus! 

Campus life is a major part of your university experience. It is a stepping stone towards personal growth. It is a journey to self-discovery. Where else can you be at the center of it all, get to know people and form lifelong friendships, depend on yourself, get involved in activities and clubs, do your own laundry, cook an occasional meal, and meet people from all over of the world?

By living on campus, you have Ƶ at your fingertips. You have access to clubs, student government, events, concerts, and athletics. It is a short walk to classrooms, laboratories, studios, the library, computer labs and much more.

Roommate Preference Forms for new students are available through eRezLife after May 15, after submission of a Housing Deposit. Room assignments for incoming first-year students will be emailed out in mid-July, and room assignments for incoming transfer students will be assigned as they are assigned during the summer.